Preview Application Access

This page will be discussion managing access control to the Preview Application (dashboard) itself.

Adding/Removing a User

Access to Preview is primary managed via the organization members on your connected VCS (such as Github). This means that everyone who has access to your Organization on Github has access to your Preview Organization.

You can see the current members with access in the Organzation > Members page:

On this page, you can see a list of Organization members, as well as the membership source. This will typically be a VCS, however a member can also be added manually.

When you add a member manually, you will add them by their Github username.

Currently an added member will not receive a notification that they have been added to the organization. When they sign in with their Github account, they will see that they are part of the organization.

Access Levels

The Preview Application currently only has a single permission level for your organization.

Multiple Organizations

A user can be a part of multiple organizations, but can only view a single organization at a time. If applicable, a "Switch Organization" option will appear in the user dropdown.

This will open a modal allowing you to see the current active organization, as well as allowing you to switch to a different one. Note that switching your current organization will apply across separate tabs within the same browser.

You may also see a prompt to switch organizations if you follow a link to a resource page (such as a deployment page) which your current organization does not have access to. To avoid confusion in these situations, you may see a prompt confirming your current organization, and if you would like to switch to a different one.

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